Kinky Shoppes ~

Where the kinky people go to Shop!

Cost: $5 gets you in and a raffle ticket. 1 ticket per person. Every
hour we will draw tickets
from the fishbowl.

Nov. 14th, 2009


Must be present to win.

1 pm - 7 pm

The Phoenix Club

12850 91st St. North

Largo, FL 33773

Prizes donated by the vendors!


Books by Anneke Jacob:    Ms Jacob lives in Toronto, and is a writer of erotic BDSM novels: Owned and Owner, first published in 2003, and As She's Told, published in December of 2008. As She's Told won the 2008 National Leather Association Pauline Reage Novel Award. Anneke's well-written and intelligent fiction delves deeply into pony play and other animal roles.

Chainsaw Chuck:   A commercial illustrator, specializing in advertising and related commissions. Chuck's personal works take him into the fetish scene, and the sphere of private commissions. He looks for ways to express his inspirations and influences and is working hard to push far into fantasy and fantastic situations.

Decadent Transitions: 
We specialize in offering top quality merchandise at affordable prices.  We are a family owned and run business.  We do not mass produce our toys, they are all hand-made and of the highest quality.  No two items are completely identical.  Each tool, flogger and/or whip can be customized to fit your needs, we offer the option of adding studs, Conchos, stones, bone, barbs, weights, knots, bells, or whatever your life-style requires. Like everything we create - our paddles, theme furniture, props and other specialty items - are constructed out of the finest grade materials available. Phone: 386-965-4732; Email:

Equus Eroticus:  All twenty-two published issues of this magazine will be available.  Buy an issue if you already haven't. In fact, buy all of them that you want.  Also available will be the Born in a Barn DVD.   Born in a Barn, staring Trigger - The Human Equine, is an intimate and occasionally humorous look into the extraordinary erotic lives of four seemingly ordinary people and takes us deep into the world of ponyplay  I will continue to have all the magazines and the Born in a Barn DVD on-hand to sell until all back issues have been sold.   Contact Ponygirl lyndsey at:  SPECIAL NOTE:  Fayth,  the cover ponygirl of Issue #20 and the photogrtapher, Keith (Masterpierce) who took the pictures of her for this issue, will be present during this event to autograph your copy of Issue #20!!

Kats Embroidery Kreations: Specializing in Affordable Custom Embroidery will be available for limited stitching onsite. Pride designs, novelty blindfolds, flogger covers, after care blankets, limited color/sizes on-site t-shirts. I welcome any email requests ahead of time so that the designs can be worked out ahead and the item of choice stitched onsite.  Drop me, Kellyann, a line at so I'll have just what you want for that special someone in your life. It's a good time to plan your holiday gift giving!

KinkyTax:  Taxes or tax problems? KinkyTax can help ! ! !

Linda Marie's Ene-Spa: Linda Marie is a massage therapist who teaches couples massage and an enema therapist who organizes the Florida "e"fest.  Her website specializes in massage products (lotions, oils, candles, music) and enema gear (bags, hose, nozzles, soaps and books). She also carries products from

Masterpierce:   A life-style Dom and a professional photographer in Florida for many years.  Piercings have always been one of his favorite fetishes.  You want a piercing where???  Masterpierce can do it!  Some jewelry will also be available for those who just want or need to replace older jewelry as well.

Native American Exotics: SheriFox is a Native American descendant of the Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho. Together with her husband Foxy, they have extensively traveled the American North West. During these years of travel, they researched and acquired many ceremonial items. Using this knowledge, Native American Exotics has recreated items by hand using natural materials such as deer and buckskin with traditional assembly methods for a quality product you can't live without.  make floggers, poppers, quirts, ticklers, collars, human pony tack, and many other unusual toys. Every piece is unique!

Sargasso Productions LTD:  Was created by Takumori Softwing and Naketa Orcan two people who loved fursuits and fursuiting so much they took it to the next level by creating new and more custom and extreme anthromorphic creations to share with the world. Creating characters such as dragons with moving wings, to multi species creatures. such as the *Clyger* a Clydesdale/Tiger hybrid.

Sinful Socials:  Sinful Socials is a lifestyle event planning company. We do everything from themed parties to collaring events and lifestyle weddings.  We offer everything from complete event planning, including catering, design, photography, bartending, set up and clean up - all at affordable prices. Business phone: (941) 468-4367.

The Phoenix Club:  Phoenix Club has its own vending area in the entry way to the club where you are also invited to visit and purchase toys.



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